Sabine Hellmann is a Berlin-born, Cromarty-based Filmmaker and Facilitator.

During her Masters degree at Edinburgh College of Art, Sabine fell in love with Scotland’s capital Edinburgh and started to work from there. Projects in India, Malawi and the UK have expanded her knowledge and skills in filmmaking and community engagement. In 2018 she moved to Glasgow and is now based in the Scottish Highlands.

Sabine is an expert facilitator in Digital Storytelling and participatory filmmaking processes. She loves inspiring others to make audio-visual work and tell their stories through engaging, visual and truly participatory workshops. Sabine has over 10 years experience in filmmaking, project management and workshop facilitation. As an associate with InsightShare, Sabine has delivered projects in Uganda, Sierra Leone, Nepal, Ukraine, Jamaica and Myanmar. Sabine ran two Digital Storytelling projects for Scottish Book Trust and local libraries in North Ayrshire and Falkirk District.

She also works in the fields of documentary filmmaking, graphic design and photography. Her main interests in work and life are the protection of the natural world, sustainable living and traveling (by bike and train as much as possible).