Climate Smart Agriculture – Malawi

I facilitated several Participatory Video workshops for CSA farmers in Dowa district, Malawi. The farmers learned how to use HD cameras, sound equipment and editing techniques through engaging games and exercises. I enabled them to tell their stories in short films.

Planning a week of exercises and learning games.
Nambuma wheel is one of the warm up games.

Finding ideas with the River of Life drawing.
The groups worked in teams and discussed ideas for stories passionately.

Practicing interviewing techniques and camera set-up.
“Mistakes are Great!” is the mantra of PV. By watching back shaky footage
the farmers learned quickly how to handle the equipment.

From paper edit to finished movie, the process is fun and engaging.
The whole group edited the film and was amazed how different sequences put together
can create a working structure for a film. Everybody was proud of the final result.

You can see one of the many results here:

Client Climate Futures, The James Hutton Institute, Kusamala