The Story of Deliya Selemani

The Selemani family are beneficiaries of the ECRP programme run by ChristianAid in Malawi. They take part in several income generating and natural resource protecting activities to become more resilient in the drought and flood prone Southern Malawi.

In order to create this photo documentary, I spent 2 days with the Selemani’s and their community. I documented all the activities photographically and recorded location sounds and songs in order to create a soundtrack for this film. I edited the film to the guidelines of ChristianAid.

_MG_3020Selemanis _MG_3026sorghum _MG_3053goatlooking






_MG_3239childrenplaying _MG_3243cookingsorghumnsima





This programme was funded by ChristianAid, Norwegian Ministry, UKAid (DfID) and Irish Aid.

Client Christian Aid, DfID, IrishAid, Norwegian Ministry