The StoryBird Project – North Ayrshire

As one of two digital storytellers in residence, I set up and managed the six-month pilot programme to improve digital skills by helping local residents in North Ayrshire explore and record their personal life stories.

I created a logo for the StoryBird Project, the project title that was chosen to advertise the Digital Storytelling workshops to local community groups in the Three Towns region.

During the six months I facilitated workshops for seven different groups, helping them to create a short narration and illustrate those with photographs or animations using various apps on an iPad. Most participants had little, if any digital skills and were guided through the process with ample support and patience. I worked with a local care home, a Women’s Aid group, addiction services, a head-injuries rehabilitation service, a writer’s group, a meet-up group for elderly residents and a mental health support group amongst others. Furthermore I facilitated a number of staff trainings to local council and library staff to enable them to facilitate future digital storytelling workshops themselves.

The project culminated in a big Premiere Screening, where a number of stories were shown to an excited audience of participants and support staff. It was a wonderful moment to share the very personal short films, some dealing with overcoming tough challenges, some tell about the old days in the local explosives factory or about inspiring achievements.

More information and digital stories from North Ayrshire can be found here. 

The Digital Storytelling project was funded by the Scottish Government and managed by Scottish Book Trust in partnership with North Ayrshire Council.

Client Scottish Book Trust