Participatory Video for a Refugee Development Programme – Uganda

For Opportunity International I facilitated a 2-week participatory video training of trainers in Mbarara and at Nakivale Refugee Settlement. Twelve trainees from a refugee background were immersed in video making and storytelling facilitation skills. We heard moving accounts of local community groups at Nakivale Рso much need for improving livelihoods and an important baseline enquiry into the RISE (Refugees: Innovation, Self-Reliance and Empowerment) Programme!

During 4 field days the trainees gathered valuable information that will help them to understand how to best implement not only financial trainings and support through their programme, but tackle many other issues that the communities are facing, like water availability, decent health facilities and infrastructure. This is the first part of a series of participatory video activities to chart the progress of the project and help understand the complex issues with input from the community members.